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Hunger Kills Diets
even if you have
huge motivation
to lose weight

Diet Pills
do not offer
long term weight
loss solutions

Slow Weight Loss
is best for
long term
weight control

Short Term Diets
rarely lead to
weight control

Aerobic Exercise
is best combined
with weight/
for optimum
weight control

Bariatric Surgery
requires a
drastic change
in eating habits

Low Fat Diets
mean less

Vegetarian Diets
are not always
healthy diets

Find a Friendly
diet forum and
lose weight with
other dieters

Weight Loss
takes time.
Aim to lose
about 2 pounds
per week

Long Term
weight reduction is
only possible with
a combination of
diet, exercise
and attitude

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Losing Weight is a Nightmare
Which diet is best?
Do weight loss pills work?
How to lose weight fast?
What exercise is best?
Do diet supplements work?
How to reduce fat thighs?
Is stomach bypass effective?

So Many Questions!
So Many Problems & Issues!

No wonder the idea of trying to
lose weight makes us miserable!
We Can Help!
We help you to lose fat
By helping you to laugh

Weight Loss Tip No 1.

There's more to life than a thin body.
So no matter how un-thin you are,
relax and enjoy what you have.
There are no second helpings!

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Losing Weight
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Being over weight
is not unhealthy.
Being unhappy is

To lose weight
don't eat tiny
Eat fewer calories

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Exercise can't
reduce fat.
Only a sensible
diet can

Lack of exercise
leads to weight gain
and ill-health

Losing weight is
easy. Keeping it off
is the difficult bit

The best way to
raise metabolism
is to combine
aerobic exercise
with weight/
strength training
and eat little
but often.

Best Weight Loss
Avoid Fad Diets
Avoid Diet Pills
Eat a Balanced Diet
Take Regular Exercise
Find a Diet Buddy
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